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We teach girls to shrink themselves
To make themselves smaller
We say to girls
"You can have ambition, but not too much
You should aim to be successful but not too successful
Otherwise you will threaten the man."
Because I am female
I am expected to aspire to marriage
I am expected to make my life choices
Always keeping in mind that marriage is the most important thing.
We raise girls to see each other as competitors
Not for jobs or for accomplishments
Which I think can be a good thing
But for the attention of men.
We teach girls that
they cannot be sexual beings
In the way that boys are.
the person who believes in the social,
political, and economic equality of the sexes

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≫Mr. If my hair is bald
, people around the world are bald. Now, hey, Toshiya? Te
some people think that the new line Kimee do I'll fool of Mee
is I think it, but when the line full-size 26-character line breaks, I
the characters are displayed closely packed to fill the screen in a smartphone
's. I'm using it, but I'm used to it.
I was n’t able to revive.
What's up, it's just like a baby again. Changed date
is today it seems there is also a region that falls sharply temperature. Everyone
, not in possession of such spare jacket so that it is not drawn, such as your cold
Masu recommend that rather. I think so while normal hair

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Ayabe Magic
Baseball familiar magic. It ’s not an oil pen name, it ’s not a
magic trick. As of there, what
Kano target value and like to go to reduce as 0. For example,
Do not likely, September 26, the people of birthday 26 days 0 of the I or
, et al., Today on the 18th Magic 8. Decrease by 1 every day.
Now, a certain magic is lit for me. Reached
today at 14:00. This magic is reduced every hour, so the
current magic is 13. If you think about it, you were started from 45
. Has it been 32 hours since then? I
can't reduce it by myself, but I'm looking forward to it. It
’s a secret what magic is on . I'll forget to read it myself
. The hint is the foundation of Sayaka Hatakeyama. Argue

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Wrestling Relay. Although
it is broadcast every day on BS NTV, I didn't know the day before yesterday and I watched it yesterday
. It ’s almost a girl ’s game, and there ’s only one boy ’s game? But Sako
it a force game had unfolded. Still more information Toka player
I forgot something kilogram bout does not rather, Japan North Korea
there is a confrontation of (the Democratic People's Republic of Korea), Japan's players
defeated by a wide margin, the so-called technical fall-out defeat
by suffered Oops. Kim Jong Un ’s secretary would be happy with this.
Don't you say secretary now? Secretary? President? President of the state?
Is it okay to be a general because I don't know? But that's it.
You should be careful because Uni is quite good. Especially female players
are serious. It
seems to be able to concentrate on the game with peace of mind if you put it even nipless . I
really like bandages . Argue

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be positive, positive and happy at any time
! There are people who say that.
Those who say that are mostly people who can afford.
Let's say you hit your little toe on the corner of a chiffon. It hurts.
Let's make this pain happy. Bump and be happy! happy!
pleasant! I love you! Suppose you thought this way.
God doesn't know whether he was watching it or not, but God said, "Oh
, is this person happy to hit the little finger on the horn's horn
? The To
and, to hit the foot of the little finger to the corner of the closet more than ever
you'll be. It
may be better to think honestly happy things are happy and unhappy things are unhappy
. So I don't have a girlfriend. And honestly I think
and to Migihitsuji. I think so while normal hair.

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Ayabe Rugby Football World Cup Japan
9th Rugby World Cup 2019 starts today
. Star in Japan vs Russia of Tokyo Stadium (taste Star)
's over bet. Japan participated for the ninth time in nine consecutive tournaments.
There was a time when I was in high school rugby decades ago . Soon tired of digits
etc.. It was still around when JORX-DTV (TBS) was relaying. Pre
was looking up to about recording. I haven't seen it at all now.
Is it Goromaru from the previous tournament? Or pose becomes famous
, it is also cry interested even Toka defeated powerhouse South Africa
was Tsu.
Have you ever seen a rugby story in this tweet every day ? This time it was held in Japan, this
seems to be the first time in Asia . I think.
Let's take a look at the pro league with this Japan . Is there any? I think
Once you search, because "Top League"
It is said that there will be an. What teams are there
and where are they based? I'll check it out soon. Now sleepy or
et al impossible. Argue

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Ayabe Start
Rugby World Cup late report! Okonawarema in Tokyo stadium
was Japan vs Russia Japan has won the season opener at 30-10.
How about it? I was worried, but it seems that the
real thread of 5 channel was also exciting, and I think that
it became a good appeal by winning further . Congrats! I
'm watching broadcasts on Fuji TV ONE now . What program?
It is # 130
of the entertainment world mahjong strongest decision game THE THE DEME . The guests are really aging.
They are Daisaku Kimura , Nori Terada, Akira Shimizu, and Hakkou Tsukitei.
It ’s a live broadcast. Until 6 o'clock. Is it okay? I its
But I would fall asleep Yara unnoticed out of. Soya
reminded of yesterday morning is, I do about 30 minutes at 8, garbage
past the front of the eye When I tried to Serve try to open a house of the gate
I women's driver was looking over here. No,
please look straight ahead and drive. But it is seen from the girls and happy
char. Do not I'm not necessarily had a particularly noticeable clothing
§. Of course it's not naked. Anyway,
why would you want to see this until you look sideways because it is normal standard clothing ?
? Did you mean that you were driving, but are
n't you ah? I heard the song. Iyo
Iyo my decree sum begins. Argue

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giant is the 37th Central League champion for the first time in 5 years.
I knew? I saw it on BS-TBS. Only the last. Director Hara
was in tears. Congratulations. Well,
there's something unfriendly, Toshiya- chan. The game is too lazy to play at all
. The world of Toshiya is a joy. So
suddenly I came up with a picture. Hobbies are celebrity caricatures.
I'm not good at painting, and I admired manga artists, but I
wasn't talented. This age branch castle Tatsuya, no, progress to
Runokane? I don't know, but the boy on the dolphin is Michiru Castle
. That's why I
'll put it here after getting dirty . Draw only celebrities that you know.
The debut work is a great finish. This is day by day as well
I'm glad to think that going to Tsu. Look at your uncle's efforts
That seems like normal hair

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Ayabe O type line feed MAX 32 line version
■ Ohaka & Zubora Speaking badly
. When I was a kid, I had a caress and I was cute, but my
work and my private life were a little rough
, and the people around me were a little in trouble. ■ Easy to get bitten by mosquitoes When
people are outdoors in the summer , O-type people get bitten by mosquitoes first
. Because it notices and evacuates from the place
, people of other blood types escape the difficulty. Canary existence of poisonous gas detector. ■
Are all, usually because nothing slob is the room ChirakashiPPa
do not care even without. It burns, clean in the wake of something beginning
Metara, without compromise and attention to detail to the professional, Toru
bottom to the sorry care If you do not clean. ■ scrupulous long-lasting
and buy a new notebook that does not, in the first few pages to things
to a very polite, become more and more rough to write, last or
would eliminate the notes in less used up in. ■ "Well
, good or" such as when the initial setting of the smartphone, theory has been written
is the button you do not know may read a bright, press the time being
try. "In addition, transient," but put away the approximate it in, not
not to be and later troublesome. Or rather
I don't notice and don't care. ■ strange Good for institutions
to use a thoroughly care about that there is a mind, you are not interested
do not care at all. Out of the husband, the room Mechakuchi
in the habit of littering Ya, strict rules there is to dry the way of laundry
I, profusely noisy.

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■ thing when it comes to strong your money
to personality fine thing in the folded or do not care, and that of money
a scrupulous when it comes to, to spare no expense is to be required,
but us to be or Ogo' generously, I do not need I do
n't even give out "Britichi" for what I think . Make ends meet in the capital, came of households
have good at Li Sheng, Toka 3000 yen investment life, funded investment
also continue diligently the Toka trust good. Therefore, savings binding
a certain structure. Quotation end. Yup. Roughly. Argue

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I'm not bored, but this short poem is short
. I haven't come up with anything! Of course, Ajo hill
big factor is also the I's well of anti-is no longer came
there in, I wonder if there is to be any of the age? Uhya Toka fish
Toka Oーgone. Is this bad? Yeah
. Always if the department the hated Yomiuri of the Central League championship
's where you hit Tsu, but was not divided at all energy. Asso
kana feeling. Young is amazing. Energy all full of passion
Naa envy Gil such youth. You may
be worried because you are young, but it's only now. Of our uncle
suffered Nante I also thing it does not be helped. I can see the future.
You don't need an uncle who worries about work or love
? You can't even worry. The word “I
ca n’t do it ” before I worry . So
young people with promising infinite possibilities will
challenge more and more unless they bother others . Impossible is hear the width After 30 more than
I since coming to. Argue

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≫Mr. 699, I'm going to draw a celebrity.
Well, if I can
improve it over time, I would like to draw the same person again and revenge. It ’s really difficult.
Well, I don't know the Pacific League until the end. Saitama Seibu or fortune
or Oka Softbank. Where is Ryowa's first Pacific League conquest?
I do not know! The name of the Pacific League has changed
. Now the child is Hankyu, Nankai, no, Kintetsu, Daiei even Mowaka
it would be orchids. Nishitetsu much but I want to keep studying
, if they were little things are per crown writer and Pacific Ocean Club
Raney. I'll try to rename it too. What about Masakazu Tamura
? So is that Toshiyama Sakaz
cool after that? Somehow island became like Masakazu Mimura
was Tsu. Rejected. That seems like normal hair

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I'll force you to do stupid writing. Ukkyo!!
I love boobs boobs boobs! Go to Keke! Fish
over! The man is Uo! That's right. Huh. Is n’t it? I
can't laugh at this age . Retrieve the pure heart
Modoseyo Ri. Write more stupid things. I wonder what.
I flew in the sky with farts! Pune! The smell of hydrogen sulfide
wrapped around Japan. Japan is like a hot spring town. Wow.
Ku too name Once. No, no no more! More! Motto!
I thought of not going down! Similar to the hooters I PayPay
I'm Ru!? What is the difference between Tits and Boobs?
Tell me. I also don't know Busts and Breasts!
I'm still not stupid. Because it is a work of dark reunion, there is no help for it
. Argue

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Ayabe Volleyball
FIBA World Cup. Yesterday was Japan vs.
Brazil. Japan was completely defeated. strong. I wonder how to win. I don't know. I don't know. When I analyzed it as an amateur, it was a butt.
Sportsman's hip. Brazil Le's bra ass. I think that you can have
a great and stable ballet with jumping power, receive, toss, and attack because your hips are firm.
Other big country mower's ass you will,
but also win Japan because not ready is still environment.
It would be difficult if the countries were seriously strengthened.
So I wonder if I should do squats. Argue

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A Masso apologized to Naomi Osaka for bleach.
What I wonder wonder said in such a thing. Thin hair towards thin hair!
If you say, I'll be hurt. Some entertainers use thin hair as a material.
If you see the thread on the art sports board, do not discriminate!
This Chong! And contradicted. They don't understand well.
That seems like normal hair

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Happy birthday. No, no in my birthday Kutene, but people of my intention.
Congratulations this year.September 26th. It ’s a day without anything, but it ’s a special day for me.
I do n’t know because it ’s still 23 hours, but it ’s impossible this year.
I want to tell you next year.
I thought from the bottom of my heart.

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Ayabe was bad
yesterday I did not meet. Naka can'll be celebrating this year was Tsu.
It very sad to very painful and regrettable, and with and also crying.
If I could have a happy birthday with my boyfriend, husband, and daughter,
I will be happy.
I play the piano. Only sad note is overflowing,
have if I want to write the score, such as dance bright,
note we are minor, you play the. Argue

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month has passed since it was one year and nine months old.
The Cormorant would be that Chi good.
I thought, but I had this day again without anything.
There is such a thing. I am very surprised.
Regretless eternity, sadness every day and
invisible exit.
I wiped the window cleanly, but the good news hasn't arrived yet.
I want to wipe the front side as much as possible today.
I wish I could have a prospect for Tamao chan. Argue

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FIVA (Fiva) It was a supper while watching World Cup 2019 against Serbia, but it is Serbian Ne-chan's amazing body.
Really meaty. Yet Pattsun Pattsun'm surprised because wearing Pichi uniforms.
Very interesting deep.
Our children, girls were lanterns in school days.
Was Serbia and Serbia and Montenegro separated from Serbia and Montenegro?
Long ago it was Yugoslavia.
Japan managed to win. Now Cho has broadcast the game on Fuji TV ONE Udo CS,
here do not come out Toka Janitare, different from the terrestrial huh recommend because the video can also be seen.
Furthermore, from yesterday, the world land also started.
There is also rugby, and the land for the national athletic meet begins.
As long as every day seems to be fulfilling for a while, I am happy.
That seems like normal hair

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Ayabe various
rugby W Cup, Japan wins by 19-12 to powerhouse Ireland
It was Chimashi. Oh. I'll do it. Two consecutive wins. The following writers
over. U-16 girl V for the first time in 3 competitions. Asian championship. The final
opponent is North Korea. In the penalty kick eat a pre-emptive also, before
reversal within a half.
The match ends. Japan also large now North Korea
Kai's first runs. It was a busy day for sports.
And I'm worried about Misaki Ogura (7 years old)
missing at a campsite in Michimura, Yamanashi Prefecture.
The 9th day was reached on 29th.
Self-defense even withdrawal as there is no clue Corps.
Have you been kidnapped? There is no choice but to pray for safety.

137ナナシマさん2019/09/30(月) 00:45:07.94ID:???0
seems to end September. Early, huh. This month or such to go to the girls and play
was Tsu. Oh, boys.
I didn't meet anyone privately. That's what happens when you get older.
You can't have a drink outside the sweets. I don't have that kind of money.
So-called because the Ru of poverty.
There is no woman without money. There's no end to nothing. Yake no napachi.
At that time, listen to the world radio.
I can listen to longwave and shortwave broadcasts.
You or repeatedly Gyururigyururi be anywhere in the match I do not hear the Toka speaking from.
The Gyururigyu received a low-malt beer while listening to Ruri, it becomes tipsy mood and,
the Gyururigyururi becomes fun Kurundawa.
Fun Toshiya-chan.
This is what I remembered from Naganami Broadcasting.
Tsushima Omega station. What is it!?
There was once a huge facility for very long wave broadcasting (very low frequency).
Its height was 454.83m,
and it was the tallest building in Japan until the Sky Tree exceeded this height.
Now the solution is submerged in the sea are the body.
Something will be destroyed someday.
That seems like normal hair

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Ayabe pepper
something of the place where the food sprinkled the powder pepper that came with in bonus lips were numb.
Is it an allergic reaction?
Do you say Aladdy? Energy is energy.
Lot eel heavy only until now wonder there is no memory of numbness I was put pepper in time rather.
Was it even poisoned? I don't know, but
it wasn't tingling or nasty numbness,
so I feel like I'm going to be a habit.
Medium scary If yours is commonly used become a poison. Patients with yam addiction.
The summer sky is still blue today.

139ナナシマさん2019/10/01(火) 01:34:13.12ID:???0
Ayabe Kan
Hanshin Tigers decided to participate in the climax series.
Unfortunately, Hiroshima Toyo Carp.
I was entangled until the end,
but I think Hanshin who gained momentum will win the Japan Championship series as it is.
Then it will be the first time for Central League.
DeNA BayStars and Kyochiri, And V without losing Pacific League representative and once in Yanen!!
I hate it because it reminds you. Argue

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You guys, look at the coins in your wallet?
Isn't there anything that was engraved with Reiwa?
I of the nothing was Tsu. Sorry.
I wanted to grin alongside Showa, Heisei, and Reiwa.
I thought suddenly.
If Showa I got married to a Heisei girl and gave me a child, wouldn't it be safe?
That ’s great, right? Toshiya-chan emergency declaration! It is.
That TOKIO's Shigeru Jojima was also tied to a child under the age of 24.
I came to hope that I could get a younger girl.
Heisei seems to be right around 2 years? Stomach ADUTO 1990.
Next year 30 years old. Nice. The Chosen woman child is good, but honored.
If Why this me to be able to get married
Become happy. I think so while normal hair.

141ナナシマさん2019/10/02(水) 03:23:37.72ID:???0
Ayabe Seriku
World Land Qatar Doha tournament is held every day,
but I can't see it because I am afraid of pole vault.
Especially not a live broadcast, even if
or broken stick if either would not or stuck to the players?
And I will worry more.
Do you jump about 10 meters? That ’s amazing. Be moved. The hurdles are scary.
There were players who were injured in contact with the hurdles that fell in Japan.
Since this was also a live broadcast, I have a memory that I could see bloodshed.
There is less fear of throwing spears far away.
I might stab a record clerk.
You can watch with confidence. Also, foreigners are troubled with the eyes because of too much hips.
I can hear your voice. Argue

142ナナシマさん2019/10/03(木) 02:38:40.11ID:???0
Ayabe also no good
Yesterday and let's go to the shop where I wanted to go for a long time I think,
because the weather was good I headed by bicycle.
By train because it's the early better to go I is not good train,
smartphone but while asked to guide the navigation.
After a while, stop the bicycle and check the navigation.
Oh it is over there'll not it here. Because of the direction,
I went back and forth. You're a suspicious person.
It took about 30 minutes to arrive somehow, but it was a break. Gakshi. It's an irregular holiday.
Sure it is bad failure to sure, but I wonder why such this day.
It doesn't come true like this when I start thinking.
Not once or twice. Time was at T printing company, the child I H river's come to love,
Do not come from the next day I thought Nante what tomorrow or chat Kuna', so also Ao-chan.
Everyone disappeared without Kunar. I'll do my best now! It has been kicked down every time.
That's why you quit. This is the last time.
A sound that tickles my ears. Argue

143ナナシマさん2019/10/04(金) 00:43:31.82ID:???0
≫Mr. 748, I think I won the victory!
I guess, yeah for other celebrities and sport of tricks sports but I there is a plate gather terrible writing,
there often are visiting. It's very rare to write good things in a row of dirty words!
There are also writings that I think.
Congratulations on the celebrity's marriage,
but congratulate you on saving your mileage!
There was something like that. According to the person,
or good a lie accumulate Congratulations Mileage written and Raomedeto, something that it is reduced to myself.
Hey. There is such an idea. So or rolling up to write and immediately Congratulations to,
it was also able to save somehow 3 tail bud. In great cane.
This made what tail bud Tamere if women acquaintances, what Oh if Tamere eyes she can be,
or can get married if what tail bud Tamere
I point that can girls acquaintance saddle 400 million tail bud is I think not.
Arrival in just four days if Tamere day one hundred million tail bud Thats reach.
Let's do our best. That seems like normal hair

144ナナシマさん2019/10/04(金) 01:30:12.92ID:???0
Ayabe alone baseball
After a long time I tried to erase rubber catch baseball.
This elevation to prepare the first ones not too soft nor too hard,
such as eraser sleep in for.
It threw toward the ceiling, calibration those that have fallen if you can pitch strike.
If you can't catch it, you hit.
If you do not get close to the ceiling to some extent,
you will not be able to strike.
A ball that catches anything that is too low or hits the ceiling.
And in the left when I threw in the right,
calibration in the right if you threw in the left must pitch.
This is the official rule. It ’s easy.
However, home run and two-base hits, Suribe no Suhitto, there is room for improvement of only I one-base hit.
As a result, the right-handed and left-handed troops won in 7-6 after the extra game.
This is really going to kill time.
The strike zone should be 30cm down from the ceiling.
Strike through the range and catch it. It ’s pretty fun.
I like you who are shy. Argue

145ナナシマさん2019/10/04(金) 02:18:24.91ID:???0
I love chests.
I love bosoms.
I love boobs.
I love breasts.
I love busts.
I love tits.

146ナナシマさん2019/10/05(土) 19:43:18.07ID:???0
hot! hot!
Is it October? How hot it is.
Why isn't it normal to have a hot bath in a bathtub and enjoy it slowly?
Young must not! Climax Series also hot gates both league looks like it was over-time, also thick my wallet.
Oh iterator One early Ku I wonder if does not become cold.
I can't wait. I'm not good at being hot.
Confused by the sound of summer. Argue

147ナナシマさん2019/10/06(日) 00:50:25.14ID:???0
No, I can't help it in my spare time.
The climax is not out of the mosquito net because the Ryukyu team has not participated.
You What I do know I mosquito net person is.
There is also a table version, which is a measure against wrinkles.
I wonder if this also has a name. Toka Birdlime it was also.
It will stick to your hair. The old people were devised.
Mosquito coil is also now of child'm Ne know how to use me.
The rounds overlap. I don't know to remove that.
The match won't rub. How are you? But on the contrary,
we can't master the current high-tech home appliances.
I can't say youth. I also life because not get the daughter-in-law of the younger you memorize hard.
Is it trend now? Orchon makeup is popular? I'm a big fan of Ginavia, but at the beginning of the week,
I 'm going to sell it to a girl at work, saying,
"Oh, it's nice to make an Orchon makeup."
I think so while normal hair.

148ナナシマさん2019/10/06(日) 01:13:36.95ID:???0
Ayabe Democracy
Candidate? The liberation of girls.
Eliminate things that are prohibited because they are girls.
In public places also that not openly accused of indecency of sin to be made to the upper body naked of.
Free and nice. Free boobs. Of course, such I want out have people want not issued.
That is outside the girls' chest from pornography Sunoda.
I think it was cramped until now. Poor thing.
However, touching it and voyeuring it out as before. It is out regardless of gender.
This can monopolize female votes.
A sorrowful smile. Argue

149cunt2019/10/07(月) 22:51:21.55ID:???0
Ayabe Sports
World Land is over.
Ah, can't you see the flying butt? No, I don't look at that point of view.
It is lonely that we cannot see the dynamic physical beauty of the world's top athletes.
And Japanese professional baseball also finished the climax series first stage,
the back is the Hanshin Tigers, path is the Softbank Hawks,
Secondary advance to de stage!
Giants and Lions are waiting for each. It ’s too much fun.
I can't stop playing baseball.
Tears of joy. Argue

150ナナシマさん2019/10/08(火) 01:32:35.66ID:???0
World land is over. Athlete only lack of worldwide
N, Mr. Yuji Oda, was Miho Nakai cheers for good work.
I thought is, I strong towards the blacks. I can't win. Climax Series over's also the final stearyl giants vs Hanshin and Seibu pair Softbank is determined over di.
I also enjoyed this again. World body in 8 days Misao also begin.
And the drama of a man who can't get married yet begins.
Kanto people are, have been re-broadcast on Fuji TV.
I Rurashii. I can't see it in terms of time,
but it's been 13 years since the last man who couldn't get married.
Kusabue photon's also continue wonderful so Nasaru can cast.
Isn't it the same age as Mr. Shoichi Kaneda who passed away ?
Kaneyan peacefully.
I also, of course binding but not been able to marriage,
Hiroshi Abe starring in a real marriage cytidine I mon was Ya'.
When am I? Well, I do not know, I will do my best. That seems like normal hair.

151ナナシマさん2019/10/08(火) 22:58:09.27ID:???0
Man Who Can't Get AA
A sequel to a man who can't get married was broadcast in 2006.
It ’s been 13 years. I watched 2006 in the re-broadcast every day,
so this "man who can't get married" seems to have lost some poison.
It is uncomfortable that people are messed up in the office.
Mr. previous work of actors out of the how good taste what has been can be seen.
Although I watch it responsibly until the end,
I think the audience rating is not good.The average is 8.6%.
Each one of them. Argue

152ナナシマさん2019/10/09(水) 22:15:59.81ID:???0
Abebe results late
Climax series final was Tokyo and Saitama
The results are Yomiuri 5-2 Hanshin and Seibu 4-8 Softbank.
Or § duly or. The heat of baseball still won't go away. pleasant.
My treasure. Argue

153ナナシマさん2019/10/10(木) 00:32:36.09ID:???0
Congratulations on Yoshino Akira winning the Nobel Prize.
That's amazing. I want to win the Nobel Prize someday,
but I can't do it because I hate airplanes .
Are you developing a rejuvenation of medicine
but, this is Nobel Prize weather definitely if those of the certainty I'm complement.
It is also able to my page on Wikipedia Unokayo!
Suge! Speaking of Saitama city, the underground idol who is stalking?
Photos or Toka it was indexing the child from whereabouts.
Wow. Landscape and I wonder if any? When I thought, I analyzed the landscape in the pupil of the child's photo and identified the station that was used.
Wow. For thin hair, please be careful not to include any hints in the surrounding scenery on the forehead.
Good night. I think so while normal hair.

154ナナシマさん2019/10/11(金) 01:09:13.07ID:???0
Ayabe results late
Climax series final was in Tokyo and Saitama.
The results are Yomiuri 6-0 Hanshin and Seibu 6-8 Softbank.
Or § duly or. The heat of baseball still won't go away. pleasant.
Meet that day. Argue

155ナナシマさん2019/10/11(金) 01:12:39.23ID:???0
Ayabe depletion
Is this an age? Longer imagination is Do not was shy Ya it away me.
In just a few years, brain cells are dying. Lethargy, annoying, and forget.
I forget what I wrote a while ago. The face is a baby face, but the head is older.
It ’s not the amount of hair.
Typhoon No.19 is approaching, so be careful. I wonder what happens.
I wish I could go to South Korea.
Some time ago when the punishment that stole hits the Buddha of Tsushima think Unoda is.
People in the southern part of Chiba are particularly worried.
What we would like to pray Toka like to safely pass through.
I would like to help each other and declare Japan in this unpleasant poem.
Stare at each other. Argue

156ナナシマさん2019/10/13(日) 00:28:31.37ID:???0
Typhoon # 19! In particular, the houses in Chiba Prefecture that were affected by No. 15 were blue seeds.
I'm worried that it will be skipped again.
Self you do not win the deer.
Yukkina, who has no choice but to recover from the office.
Tthat seems like normal hair

157ナナシマさん2019/10/13(日) 00:30:08.80ID:???0
Ayabe results late
climax series final was Tokyo and Saitama
. The results are Yomiuri 6-7 Hanshin and Seibu 0-7 Softbank.
Or § duly or. The heat of baseball still won't go away. pleasant.
Touch your finger. Argue

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Ayabe results late
climax series final was Tokyo and Saitama
. The results are Yomiuri 6-7 Hanshin and Seibu 0-7 Softbank.
Or § duly or. The heat of baseball still won't go away. pleasant.
Touch your finger. Argue

159ナナシマさん2019/10/13(日) 00:41:40.33ID:???0
Ayabe 19
Typhoon is amazing. I was surprised.
It was raining down and the wind wasn't so much,
but river flooding information reached the smartphone several times.
Pyrrolo Lolin Pyrrolo Lolene sounded even though he was always in manner mode.
Are you in the Tohoku region now? Please be careful.
An earthquake occurred in Chiba during the typhoon. It was a chaos state with seismic intensity 4 in Kamogawa City.
Self I thought again and not go against the natural. I did a little blackout.
Ah, I was recording, but was interrupted for a few minutes.
I knew that it was love. Argue

160ナナシマさん2019/10/14(月) 00:40:53.98ID:???0
Ayabe thanks
As of Typhoon No. 19 scars are going to become clear, the of around simply just stunned to harm situation.
Fortunately, my area of ​​residence was safe. However, the downstream portion of the river that flows near flood,
its seemed to collapse in, his place is sauce for just maybe I wonder if had been a victim, and learned fear.
I The friend does not have, do not worry anyone of that, also, such are worried by anyone but was not,
we would like sympathy to that again affected people will. I can only thank you.
Although this thread has often touched disasters, it did not pose a threat to me.
Thousand of Nagano Prefecture Chikuma River flood was shocking.
Piers of such Ueda Electric Railway is folded into the river it is,
is how to go further shed collapsed house.
I was overwhelmed by the power of nature.
I was saved. I still have a meaning to live, a reason, and a mission.
And I think, really feeling that I want to see that the child is large of mind dominated the part.
There is no choice but to believe and work hard. Please wait.
Ask for it. Argue

161ナナシマさん2019/10/15(火) 18:52:26.30ID:???0
Ayabe Fallen
During rescue by helicopter due to typhoon damage.
The elderly Nakuna was an accident that that. That's horrible. That it is attached to forget the hook either.
It was dropped from 40 meters above. The situation seems to have been included in the video,
and there was a guy who posted it in a gif video.
I'm too sorry. Even a high jump in swimming is 10 meters? That's pretty scary.
I would like to ask for prevention of recurrence.
Fell in love. Argue

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Ayabe blood donation
[tie-up] Busty character in blood donation poster,
criticism from overseas "just used a character popular with young people"
Keiko Ota lawyer teacher make defended the crippled exhibition of expression but generous person was Tsu.
However, this poster is a treat.
A statement was made that it would be harassment because people who looked at this poster would be offended.
So that's it.
Burning photographs with the Emperor Showa as a motif,
it is free for the indistinct Japanese.
Fu of the chest rather than by Kana exhibition is recognition that out.
Hey. I'm not sure, but it's too much trouble to stop both. Every time Igamia'
because Jamakusai in. I'll use my expression. Chimpoko!
Comforting each other. Argue

163ナナシマさん2019/10/17(木) 01:56:17.12ID:???0
Ayabe Neikan
While thinking about the unpleasant poem here while listening to Lovefool / The Cardigans,
yes, when there is nothing I came up with the idea of ​​making it an Ayabe Museum. IchiIchi Remember me?
It's easier to collect here than search. If you search for this thread in the “library,” you can see the materials that interest me.
This is a great project. Check Wikipedia for details. I'm rough, for example, a list of group members.
Let's use the date of birth and hometown information.
The first stage is Morning Musume, which was popular when I was young and still active. Summary.
Please look forward to it.
I became love. Argue

164ナナシマさん2019/10/18(金) 01:23:58.89ID:???0
Ayabe Mens
A long time ago,
a talent who appeared in a commercial for women's sanitary products appeared in a commercial for urine leakage products.
I feel the flow I'm Ru. Oh my age.
What? If you round it up, you'll be 40 years old.
I think a female talent of the same age will look younger than before.
Merode of nostalgia a television program but there Nante I over,
it long ago of people who come out in there now looks old than the same age. Be displayed and at that time 20 years old,
had would have exceeded YaiYa 30! I would think.
Large enough that people ish. Looks old. Now the guys on the contrary whether ish brat But it might be.
Of course, do not also showy makeup, Enka found in extra older because Rassharu singing in kimono something human but I can.
Even so, it looks like an aunt.
Traces of such days. Argue

165ナナシマさん2019/10/19(土) 22:15:50.24ID:???0
Ayabe Baseball
Softbank 7-2 Yomiuri. Wow! Strong Softbank.
Is Japan's Central league 7 years severe this year?
Still I do not know. But I'm an anti-giants and I support Softbank.
Summer stars. Argue

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167ナナシマさん2020/07/03(金) 16:43:10.42ID:???0
Yoshihiro Akiyama “I’m go to KOREA.”